Ciudad Real International Airport is strategically situated 12 kilometers away from the city of Ciudad Real and 18 kilometers from Puertollano.

Connected to the Spanish highway infrastructure, with a short 15 minute drive to two High Speed Train (AVE) Stations (Ciudad Real and Puertollano).

The High Speed Train (AVE) borders the property and plans have been developed to build a Train Station for both cargo and passengers.

The AVE will communicate Ciudad Real International Airport with downtown Madrid in 50 minutes. The train (AVE) goes to the South of Spain, from Madrid to Córdoba and Sevilla and it has also a connection with Malaga. There is also a conventional train line that goes from Madrid to Badajoz and connects the airport with the southwest of Spain.

Bordering the Airport there are some of the major gas and oil pipelines and major Power Transmission Lines

The airport is also close to the conventional train Madrid-Badajoz

The strategic airport location: CRIA is in the center of the Iberian peninsula and close to Madrid (190 km)

This situation ads an intrinsic commercial value to the logistic project and should enable its full development in the short and medium term.

It has the privilege of being equidistant from some of most important cities in Spain like Seville, Barcelona, Lisbon, Valencia, Algeciras and Bilbao, which are also the most important charging seaports of the peninsula.

The airport is in the air hub of air cargo market in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

It is in a geographical position to be the HUB of an American freighter operating company operating in the upstream markets, with the possibility of establishing “Ex-Novo” an infrastructure HUB of charge with the latest generation design.

City Distance (Km)
Madrid 210
Sevilla 326
Valencia 352
Barcelona 693

Ciudad Real


Ciudad Real International Airport can be found in the province of Ciudad Real (Castilla-La Mancha) a short distance from the capital city, Ciudad Real (74.727 inhabitants) and Puertollano, the most important industrial city of the province (50.608 inhabitants).

The airport facilities are located between the towns of Ciudad Real, Villar del Pozo and Ballesteros de Calatrava. They all belong to the region of Campo de Calatrava

The region of Campo de Calatrava can be found in the centre of the province of Ciudad Real. It is one of the most well-defined areas of Castilla-La- Mancha, both geographically and historically, not only because of its numerous volcanoes, being the largest volcanic area in the Iberian Peninsula but also because of the foundation and development of the Calatrava Military Order, a powerful force in the historical evolution and structuring of populations in the area

The CALATRAVA CULTURAL PARC integrates and adds value to the heritage, beautiful landscapes, cuisine and other cultural resources of a considerable part of the region, which are offered as exceptional tourist attractions. We can highlight and recommend to visit the following places:

    • The town of Almagro: officially declared historic site it boasts numerous invaluable buildings which can be visited. These buildings are representative of many important artistic periods such as the Renaissance and the Baroque. We can´t forget to mention the “Corral de Comedias”, which dates back to 1628 and is the only one of its kind in Spain. Theatrical performances are frequently held here and there are guided tours with audio guides or tour guides. The Spanish National Theatre Museum (Museo Nacional del Teatro) also has its headquarters in this town

    • The Route of the Calatravan Castles: Calatrava la Vieja (Carrión de Calatrava), Calatrava La Nueva (Aldea del Rey) y Castillo de Doña Berenguela (Bolaños de Calatrava). All castles can be visited

At CALATRAVA CULTURAL PARC visitors can check the following Network of Visitors Centres:

The Carnival Tourist Information Centre: The Carnival festival is declared of regional touristic interest. One can enjoy it in the town of Miguelturra
Calatrava´s Olive Oil Visitors Centre. The olive oil from Campo de Calatrava has its own origin certificate and is really appreciated.
The Volcanic Water Visitors Centre in Pozuelo de Calatrava. Visitors can see a large and varied collection of bird life in the Volcanic Lake of La Inesperada
The Cerro Gordo Volcano in Granatula de Calatrava is the only visitable volcano on the Iberian Peninsula
The Route of the Calatrava Passion. It is declared an event of national touristic interest. It encompasses celebrations in ten towns: Aldea del Rey, Almagro, Bolaños de Calatrava, Calzada de Calatrava, Granátula de Calatrava, Miguelturra, Moral de Calatrava, Pozuelo de Calatrava, Torralba de Calatrava and Valenzuela de Calatrava
Other facilities near the airport worth seeing are the Alarcos – Calatrava Arqueological Parc and the Caracuel de Calatrava Castle. Visitors may also find worthseeing towns such as Argamasilla de Calatrava or Corral de Calatrava


By road

From the Airport access to the A43 Lisbon – Valencia A3, and A4 Andalucia and Madrid.

By railway

Andalucia corridor, North, Northwest, along the line of Madrid, Levante corridor, Extremadura corridor to Lisbon.


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